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We are a 5th generation, family owned business, that has been in operation since 1904. Hollenbaugh Well Drilling Inc. is currently owned and operated by Terry Hollenbaugh and his two sons, Greg and Jason. Throughout our 100+ years of experience, we have seen the well drilling industry change and we have continued to adapt to the changes that we still see within the industry today. We pride ourselves on providing quality well products and performing high quality work that will last our customers for years to come. We offer a sand free guarantee on all newly drilled residential wells and a 5 year parts and labor warranty on residential pumps and pressure tank installations.

Hollenbaugh Well Drilling offers a variety of water well installation and repair services for commercial properties, residential properties, and farm land. As a fully certified well drilling contractor, we work diligently on each job whether we're performing work commercially, residentially, or  agriculturally. Our trained team of professionals make it a point to provide safe, economical, and environmentally friendly water wells, pumps and tanks. 

Contact Hollenbaugh Well Drilling with any questions that you may have or for pricing and consultations by calling 260.396.2151 or by using our contact form.

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